Hundreds inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. honor his memory in Norwalk

On the eve of Martin Luther King Junior Day, many people throughout southwestern Connecticut commemorated the man they say inspired generations to come.Hundreds gathered at United Methodist Church on Weston Road in Westport to remember Dr. King Jr. on the eve of what would have been his 78th birthday. Reverend Dr. Lindsay Curtis remembered standing in a sea of people in Washington to hear Dr. King's historic 1963 speech. Curtis says he tries to spread Dr. King?s message inside Norwalk's Grace Baptist Church every Sunday. Lamont Wiggins, of Norwalk, says he can't imagine where society would be if it had not been for Dr. King paving the way.Curtis says if more people would internalize that speech in the every day aspect of their lives, they may contribute to a better society. He says it takes everyone to make the world a better place.