Hundreds march for National Gun Violence Awareness Day in Newtown

Hundreds of people marched in Newtown Friday on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, just days after the mass shootings in Tulsa and Uvalde, Texas.
The Newtown community gathers every year on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and this year it comes on the heels of yet another mass shooting where 19 children and two teachers were killed.
There was a large crowd at the bottom of the steps at Edmond Town Hall, where survivors of the Sandy Hook school shooting and parents who lost their children talked about the need to pass gun legislation.
The group is focusing on change, from universal background checks to safe gun storage laws, so another Sandy Hook or Uvalde doesn't happen again.
"Ninety percent of the American people want their legislators to pass sensible policy that will keep us safe and I hope that they're hearing that," said Sandy Hook Promise CEO Mark Barden. "There are legislative proposes on the federal level right now that are proven to be effective and are proven to be constitutional and also protect the rights of folks who want to own a keep firearms."
The group marched down to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which is headquartered in Newtown.