Hyde Leadership students going green in the Bronx

Students at Hyde Leadership Charter School in Hunts Point are trying to make the Bronx a little greener.
With donations from Sustainable South Bronx and Relight NY, Hyde students are replacing more than 2,000 light bulbs in their homes and communities with environmentally friendly fixtures. Some experts say the ?green? bulbs create less carbon emissions and save money, with each bulb lasting 10 times longer than conventional ones.
Students mapped out how many energy-efficient bulbs they needed for their families and neighbors, and were given that amount. One girl?s tally was more than 400.
Members of Relight NY say the program was not just about saving energy and money, but also about sending the message that doing little things can help the environment.
Consumers interested in making their own switch will have to pay more for the energy-efficient bulbs, but proponents say that their greater lifespan will save money in the long run.