'I don't feel there's a need to apologize to me': Easton dispatcher recounts call that went viral

An Easton dispatcher who handled the call during a racially charged confrontation at an East Haven supermarket recounts the call he will never forget.

Andrew Tisdale received a call Friday night from an angry woman who was trying to reach police. Corinne Terrone thought she called the East Haven Police Department, but actually reached Tisdale.

The racially charged confrontation went viral and Terrone lost her job as a school clerk. However, Tisdale doesn't believe Terrone needs to apologize to him.

"You know I hadn't really thought about it and I don't feel there is a need to apologize to me specifically," says Tisdale. "It was a very toxic and confusing situation, emotions were high. Sometimes people say things they don't mean to say. For us it is just part of the job."

Tisdale says he hopes to someday become a police officer in Easton.