‘I have to fight this fight.’ Murder victim’s wife won’t stop fight for justice in Norwalk cold case

Natacha Moore vividly remembers the call that shattered her life. It was June 29, 2006.
“I couldn't breathe. I just fell on the floor,” Natacha Moore told News 12 through tears.
Her husband, Laray Moore, known as “Mookie” all his life, had been shot in the parking lot at Roodner Court in Norwalk. Now, 16 years later, she won’t give up her fight for justice.
“He was an innocent man just picking up his 15-month-old baby,” Natacha Moore explained. She said their son, Laray Jr., was watched by family that day. Mookie Moore had just gotten the toddler and put him in the car when the shooting happened. He died at the hospital about two weeks later.
“With a 15-month-old baby in the car?! What kind of monster, like what kind of person could do something like that?" Natacha Moore asked.
Laray Jr. wasn't hit. His mom said she's relieved he was too young to remember what he saw. Now, he's 17 and the spitting image of his dad, according to Natacha Moore. She called it bittersweet since Laray Jr. missed out on knowing his dad.
“Laray Jr. suffers in a lot of ways, a lot of different ways, from not having his father around,” she said.
Natacha Moore suffered too, especially in the early years.
“I was lost for a very long time,” she explained.
But she’s gotten stronger, that strength fueling her in what’s become a cold case.
“I have to fight this fight for my late husband, for my baby, for myself,” Natacha Moore told News 12.
She said the shooting happened in front of dozens of witnesses, but people were scared to come forward. After all this time, the hope is that’s changed.  
“I just still ask the community to please continue to help us in any way that you can,” she pleaded, adding there is a $50,000 reward from the state for information leading to an arrest. Closing the case could also mean answers to the question that still haunts her.
“Why? I need to know why,” Natacha Moore said.
She also had a message for her husband’s killer. “I hope this person knows that don't ever be comfortable because one day that knock is going to come on that door. I can promise you that.”
Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact Detective Serio at 203-854-3188 or the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at 860-623-8058. You can also leave an anonymous tip with Norwalk by calling the tip line at 203-854-3111; submitting at tip at www.norwalkpd.com; or texting a tip by typing "NORWALKPD" into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to TIP411 (847411).