‘I want justice’: Woman struck by hit-and-run driver hopes for arrest

A 61-year-old Bridgeport woman says she is furious at the hit-and-run driver who struck her on Jan. 1, leaving her with a broken pelvis, a crushed leg and a host of other injuries.
Joann Newton is recovering at a rehab hospital, unable to work until she's back up on her feet, which doctors say could take many months.
Police say the accident happened around 9:15 p.m. at the intersection of Stratford and Hollister avenues.
“I want justice,” Newton says.
Police say they're asking for the public's help in bringing the driver to justice.
Friends Derrick Wince and Cynthia Anderson are now calling on the driver to do the right thing.
They say Newton could have easily been killed when the vehicle described only as "a light-colored car" struck her at high speed.

The friends say it's unjust something like this should happen to such a nice person.

Newton and her friends and family hope their pleas to the driver will make a difference.

"Have a conscience, have a heart, do the right thing,” says Anderson.