IDA AFTERMATH: Milford sees inland flooding, rushing waters following Ida

Milford is no stranger to flood concerns since it's a coastal town, but the rain caused much more inland flooding than usual.
News 12's Marissa Alter saw floodwater rushing down the Wepawaug River and even submerged benches around the area behind City Hall.
"I'm thinking I'm in New York, like Niagara Falls. It's so powerful," says Kathy Brickett, of Milford.
The lower duck pond behind Milford City Hall drew visitors who've lived in Milford most of their lives. They say they've never seen flooding like this.
"Since 1952. I've never seen the water at this level though," says Daniel DeAndre, of Milford.
"Our public works crews have been mopping up, sopping up," says Mayor Ben Blake. "We had basements flooded in residential homes. Harborside Middle School right over across the street had to close down today."
Stonebridge Restaurant, which is located downstream along the river, had its outdoor fountain swept away.
When asked about the worst flooding in Milford, owner Richard Connie says, "It was catastrophic. but to give you an idea - if you see the tunnel opening there over the bridge, you couldn't even see that."
The boat docks in the river are empty and damaged.
"I have never seen the water in the river like this. I have never seen the waterfall like this. It's just amazing," says Joan Wolf, of Milford.
City officials are reminding people to stay away from floodwater and not to go kayaking or canoeing in any rushing water.
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