Immuno-compromised Fairfield mother concerned about lack of remote learning for son

An immuno-compromised mother from Fairfield says she's worried about the lack of remote learning for her 10-year-old son.
Marney White got the COVID-19 vaccine back in January, but her body was unable to form antibodies.
Her son, Lane, says in an isolated year - remote learning was a lifesaver. With no remote option for 2021, White says she's out of options.
Local pediatricians at Trumbull Pediatrics say the level of transmission in elementary schools this fall is going to depend on how closely districts are following the guidelines.
Dr. Marcy Dillon, whose children also attend Fairfield Public Schools, says the district has done a wonderful job keeping everyone safe.
The Fairfield Board of Education sent a letter to the state last month asking that the mask requirement in schools be removed.
The same letter also asked the state to set up a remote learning academy. Neither request was granted.
Guidance released by the state Department of Education last week encourages local districts to come up with a plan to accommodate students with at-risk family members.