Inspector General's Office justifies Derby officer's use of force against man in April 2021

The Connecticut Inspector General's Office released a new report about an officer-involved shooting in Derby.
Based off of the evidence and investigation into this case, the Inspector General's Office justifies the officer’s action to use force against a man back in April 2021.
The extensive report outlines the incident with pictures, voice recordings and information into the officer's personnel record.
In the report, it stated Derby Police Officer Patrick Foley fired his gun four times, injuring Corneilius McCullough in the leg, while on duty.
Officer Foley acted after 29-year-old McCullough fired a weapon at a nearby vehicle, but in short proximity to Foley.
There are several reasons why the Inspector General's Office says the shooting is justified, including that Officer Foley believed McCullough was about to use deadly force against him.
This detailed report released to the public is a part of the state's effort to create transparency when the Inspector General's Office investigates use of force.
News 12 spoke with state Sen. Gary Winfield, who led the path for police accountability laws in Connecticut.
"We wanted to establish a completely separate office that would have the expertise to give a type of report you would think and know when you finished reading that report what really happened. You have a level of information we've never had before and I think what you're seeing in this report is exactly that," said Winfield.
The Inspector General's Office says body cameras were not worn in this incident because Derby police officers were not issued to wear them at the time of the incident.