Israeli hostage signs vandalized on the Norwalk Green

Several signs of Israeli hostages put up by a resident have been knocked down and ripped up.
Maya Pesok, of Norwalk, had put flyers up in solidarity with the victims of the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7.
"It's heartbreaking, OK. What happened this morning, when I heard the news, it was just anger -- it was mixed emotions," said Pesok.
She says the posters depict the original 240 Israeli hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza.
Pesok says the message on the posters calling for the remaining hostages to be freed is purely humanitarian, which compounded her reaction to the vandalism.
"I mean those are innocent people, children. We're still missing a 10-month-old baby now; he's going to be 11 months old.  We're still missing his brother, so it's very upsetting," said Pesok.
Pesok says she put the posters up at the Norwalk Green before Thanksgiving.
"There's no reason to touch and vandalize something like that,"
Pesok says with the first day of Hanukkah beginning at sundown tomorrow, the vandalism is only generating a sense of sorrow.
"We don't feel like doing the usual of getting together and celebrating it," said Pesok.
The Norwalk police say they are investigating the incident.