"It hits you really fast." News 12's John Craven shares details of his bout with coronavirus

Craven says he got the coronavirus a week and a half ago. It started with a sore throat and then he had trouble breathing and a high fever.

"I really underestimated this," says Craven. "It hits you really fast, and that's the thing that really scared me."

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Craven says he woke Wednesday with a 98 degree temperature. Within four hours, it was up to almost 103. He ended up seeing a doctor at a walk-in clinic.
"He basically sent me home with Tylenol here and some Tamiflu, which broke the fever, but my breathing got even worse the next day," says Craven.

He says he went back and begged doctors to get tested. After he finally was tested, it took seven days to get the results.
Craven says he hopes by telling his story it might help others.

"We try to not be the story, but I really felt like there's so much fear around this virus that it was really important for me to at least tell people what my experience has been with it," says Craven. "And, you know, I guess if I can leave people with anything, it's don't be scared." 
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Craven says the streets outside his Manhattan apartment look different since the coronavirus outbreak.

"My window faces 42nd Street, and you know that's one of the busiest streets in the world," he says. "It's empty now."

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Craven's advice to people is to "be persistent."

"No matter what your doctor tells you, I think your gut tells you when something's wrong," he says.

Craven expects to be fully back to work Wednesday, with his doctor's clearance.