'It saved my life' - Darien breast cancer survivor encourages women to get mammograms

The wife of a national celebrity is coming forward to tell her story about breast cancer and how a routine mammogram led to her diagnosis two years ago.
Rachelle Wilkos is married to talk show host Steve Wilkos, who tapes his shows in Stamford. She tells News 12 that following her diagnosis, she had a double mastectomy at Stamford Hospital and needed chemotherapy and medication - but no radiation.
Rachelle Wilkos says her family helped get her through the cancer and that it was scary. She says, though, that early detection is incredibly important or her situation could've been much worse.
"You think, 'it's not going to happen to me, it doesn't apply to me,' but it does and when I went in that day - I did it. I'm so grateful that I did because I wouldn't be able to be here for children, my husband, and because I did that it saved my life," she says.
Rachelle Wilkos finished her treatment in March and is now free of cancer.