'It's gut-wrenching': Haiti earthquake destroys sister parish of Bridgeport church

A Bridgeport church says the recent earthquake in Haiti hit close to home because, despite the distance, its sister parish there was destroyed.
Rev. Dukens Boliere got the news Sunday morning as he prepared for services at Shekinah Worship Center. Boliere says the sister church with the same name in Corail, Haiti, was destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude quake.
"It's gut-wrenching when you think about it. You see, you see, people who actually had nothing to begin with and now they are left with absolutely nothing," says Boliere.
He tells News 12 one church member died in the earthquake and another was critically injured when his house collapsed on him.
"I have visited the house before and I know exactly where the house is," Boliere says.
The church is now raising money for food, supplies and medical care. There's also a meeting Sunday about the effort, which Boliere says will include rebuilding the church at a later time.
"Getting there is going to be a logistical nightmare," he says.
Corail is in a remote part of the country, which was difficult to reach even before the earthquake.
Boliere says the loss of the church comes at a time he was already mourning his father's recent death. Now, that grief has taken a back seat to help those in his native country.
"Knowing that the people are in great need already it's going to take every ounce of effort possible on our part to help them out," he says.
If you're interested in donating to the church's effort, click here.