Quick tips to help you during Tax day

<p>It's Tax Day, and <strong>News 12 Connecticut</strong> is offering some tips if you're down to the wire.</p>

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Apr 18, 2017, 12:48 PM

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Quick tips to help you during Tax day
Tuesday is Tax Day, and News 12 Connecticut is offering some tips if you're down to the wire.
According to a tax advisor in Greenwich, most of the people he sees come into his office during the last week of tax season are the people who know they owe money or are procrastinators.
If you're trying to get your forms in by the Tuesday midnight deadline, here are some quick tips from the experts.
Get out a calculator, and double check your math.
Also, make sure your social security number is right, as well as your bank account information and remember to sign and date your tax return.
If you're completely starting from scratch, Thomas Povinelli of Pinnacle Tax Incorporated in Greenwich says to make sure you have all the necessary documents handy to complete the forms. The forms include your income, expenses, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, medical expenses, retirement contributions and a list of any contributions.
If you don't think you'll have enough time to gather all the information, you can always file an extension.
"People believe knowing that they owe money, that an extension buys them time to send in the money, when in theory it does not," says Povinelli. " The money is still due on the deadline and interest penalties will be charged until you make payments."
If you're either filing your taxes or filing for an extension, the forms need to be postmarked by Tuesday.

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