‘It’s unbelievable.’ Stamford police investigate brazen daytime theft downtown 

Stamford police released pictures of suspects and a getaway vehicle as they investigate a brazen robbery downtown.
It happened Wednesday at Engel’s Furs, a longtime family business that’s been at its location on Bedford Street for about 20 years.
“When a customer comes into our store, we feel like they’re family,” said Denis Nanos, who owns Engel’s Furs with his brother Paul.
So, when a man rang the store's bell around 4:30 p.m., Nanos buzzed him in like normal only to learn he wasn't a customer. Two other men were out of sight on the other side of the doorway and ran in too, according to Nanos. He told News 12 one man held the door open to prevent it from automatically locking while the others grabbed over a dozen fur coats from the front racks.
“I was afraid. I thought he was going to have a gun, and they were going to put me inside. But these guys, they took whatever they took and go—about 14, 15 pieces all together. My figure is about $70,000-$80,000 of merchandise,” Nanos said.
He explained he didn’t try to stop them and instead called 911 right away, but the suspects were already gone when police arrived. Nanos said while officers were there, a woman and her niece knocked on the door and said they’d seen the suspects take off in a gray Ford pickup truck, and they’d gotten the license plate.
Police put out a picture of the truck, which had the Florida plate IBB434, but police said that plate came back to a different vehicle, not the truck. They also released surveillance camera stills of the three men they're looking for. All of them appear to have been wearing COVID masks.
Nanos said nothing like this has ever happened to the business. He was especially shocked because the theft occurred in the middle of the day in an area that’s pretty busy. He also said police are always driving by since the department is just up Bedford Street.
“I don't know how those guys took a chance to come in and at 4’oclock in the afternoon! It's unbelievable, you know? It's a shame,” Nanos said.
Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact Sgt. Damien Rosa at 203-977-5828.