Joel Barlow alum Charlie Morton out of Braves' World Series lineup due to leg injury

A southwestern Connecticut native known as one of baseball's top postseason pitchers is out for the rest of the World Series after being injured during Game 1.
Atlanta Braves pitcher Charlie Morton walked off the mound after his right fibula was fractured when it was hit by a hard groundball at the start of the second inning. He made it through the next three batters - two on strikeouts - before the pain became too much.
Morton stayed in the game through 2 1/3 innings.
"It just speaks to who he is. If anyone knows Charlie, they shouldn't be surprised," says Joel Barlow High School athletic administrator Mike Santangeli.
Santangeli used to coach the now 37-year-old Morton on the baseball team. Morton is also the only professional baseball player in Joel Barlow's history.
"He's come kind of full circle, which is great story because he was drafted by Atlanta, now he's back with Atlanta," says Santangeli.
Morton has a World Series ring with the Houston Astros and made a trip to the Fall Classic last year with the Tampa Bay Rays.
Santangeli says after Morton was struck, he thought everything was fine because he remained in the game.
"He's a big-game player, I mean, what else could you want," says Santangeli.
Santangeli describes Morton as a hard worker and family guy with a great sense of humor. He says Morton is still in touch with many of his friends from his Barlow days.
"Charlie did not want to be the center of attention, he wanted to be part of the team," says Santangeli. "He's just a wonderful, wonderful person. He really is and always has been."