Judge disgusted by ex-music director's alleged abuse

At the sentencing of an attorney who destroyed a laptop essential in a child pornography case Monday, a judge detailed sex abuse allegations against the former church music director at the center of that case.
Former Christ Church music director Robert Tate pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. Attorney Phil Russell also pleaded guilty to destroying a computer that was critical to Tate?s case. Russell was sentenced to six months of home confinement, $25,000 in fines and 240 hours of community service.
At Russell?s sentencing, Federal Judge Alan Nevas detailed a dark and disturbing history for Tate, who worked with kids for 34 years.
?I have never, ever seen such an extensive history of child abuse as exhibited by Mr. Tate,? Nevas said. ?It turns your stomach.?
Nevas also revealed that, ?Tate brought child prostitutes from New York to the church in Greenwich.?
Federal prosecutors also said Tate sexually abused children in New York City, the Philippines and Thailand.
Tate is scheduled to be sentenced next month on child pornography charges. He has not been charged in connection with child sex abuse. Prosecutors said neither the church or Russell knew about Tate?s alleged history of abuse.
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