Judge postpones unsealing of warrants in Kissel case

A judge was expected Tuesday to unseal the arrest warrants of two men accused of murdering Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel, but those warrants remain sealed.
Bridgeport resident Carlos Trujillo and his cousin, Leonard Trujillo, of Massachusetts, are accused in the April 2006 murder. Carlos, who served as Kissel?s driver and personal assistant, has already pleaded not guilty to the charge of conspiracy to commit murder.
Court proceedings in the case have been delayed twice, first to give the public defender representing Leonard time to review the case and again after Leonard switched to a private counsel.
Attorneys for both men want to either keep the arrest warrants sealed or release an edited version. The attorney for the state asked that some names be removed from the warrants for the safety of those witnesses in the case.
Carlos is expected back in court June 10 and Leonard is scheduled to appear June 11, when his attorney says his client will plead not guilty.
The judge says he will release some form of the arrest warrants in the next two to three weeks.
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