Judge puts ex-UConn coach Ollie on the clock for discrimination case

A judge ruled against lawyers for former UConn basketball coach Kevin Ollie, who asked for more time to file a federal discrimination claim.
Ollie is fighting the school for the rest of his contract money, $10 million, which he says he is owed.
UConn fired Ollie as their head men's basketball coach back in March. They cited NCAA violations, but Ollie claims in court filings that he was fired, at least in part, because of his race.
The judge’s ruling means Ollie must decide by Jan. 4 if he wants to move forward with his discrimination case.
If Ollie moves forward with that case, he could violate an arbitration clause in his contract. It could mean that he would forfeit the $10 million he says he is owed.
The school is asking the judge to dismiss Ollie’s lawsuit.
Arguments in the case will continue on Jan. 25.