Judge temporarily blocks NY from mandating COVID-19 shot for health care workers

This morning, a federal judge has temporarily blocked New York from mandating medical workers get a COVID-19 shot.
A judge in Utica issued the order after more than a dozen medical workers filed a lawsuit claiming their rights were violated.
The health care workers, which include nurses and doctors, filed a suit against Gov. Kathy Hochul, Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, and Attorney General Letitia James.
The suit says their Constitutional rights were violated because of the state's demand they get the shot by Sept. 27. The mandate also did not allow for a religious exemption.
One Suffolk health care worker tells News 12 she is thankful for the temporary reprieve.

"I want my children to have religious freedom. I want my children to have the first amendment you know in their life, I want my children to feel as if I'm standing up for them, you know and their children after this," says Paula Gagliardi.

The Medical Society of the State of New York is expressing its concern about the ruling, saying it’s concerned that it will “result in a flurry of attempts to circumvent the well-reasoned vaccination requirement."
The state has until next Wednesday to respond to the lawsuit.