Judge to hear Stratford wrong ballot case after Thanksgiving

A judge will wait until after Thanksgiving to hear a case filed after the wrong ballots were issued in a Stratford House district election.
Judge Barbara Bellis says she will decide on Monday, Nov. 26, whether to order a new election.
The election between Democrat Phil Young and Republican Jim Feehan was called in favor of Young by just 13 votes.
However, Feehan filed a lawsuit after learning a packet of ballots for 122nd Assembly District was mistakenly used in the 120th Assembly District at a polling place.
Lawyers for Young argue the judge has no authority to order a new election.
They say the Connecticut State Constitution only lets the legislature call a new election, and they don’t meet until January.  
Lawyers for Feehan believe the law does allow for a judge to step in.
Judge Bellis asked both sides to return Monday when she plans to make a ruling.