Jury ends first day of deliberations in Bridgeport murder trial

Jurors concluded their first day of deliberations in the trial of a Bridgeport man accused of killing his girlfriend and stabbing her friend in February 2017.
Closing statements were delivered Thursday morning after six days of testimony. Senior Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Corradino laid out the evidence he says proves Oscar Hernandez killed Nidia Gonzalez and stabbed Brenda Castellano. 
"Why? Because he'd learned from his daughter and from Brenda, and from a photograph that he'd found that the attractive younger woman that he called his wife, the mother of his daughter, was interested in someone else," said Corradino.
Defense attorney Jonathan Demirjian sought to discredit Corradino by saying Castellano voluntarily left the country after giving her taped deposition.
"She voluntarily left this country eight or nine months ago after giving this deposition. She wasn't forced out," said Demirjian.
On Tuesday, Hernandez testified that Gonzalez and Castellano returned home from a bar and stabbed each other after getting into a drunken argument.
During the cross-examination, the prosecution held up the two knives that were found at the scene.
The defendant had motive, he had the intent, and he carried out the physical acts necessary for the commission of this crime," said Corradino.
The case went to the jury around 4 p.m. They deliberated for about an hour and then headed home. The jury will pick up deliberations Friday morning.