Lamont: 4 bills included in next week's special session

Four bills will be included in the special session next week.

News 12 Staff

Jul 14, 2020, 7:50 PM

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Lamont: 4 bills included in next week's special session
-Four bills will be included in the special session. 
-Legislators will meet early next week. Gov. Ned Lamont will issue the call Friday.
-Four bills will be included: Absentee ballot. Officials do not want long line of voters in November due to the coronavirus; police accountability; telehealth; cap the cost of insulin.
-The Bond Commission will meet Tuesday via Zoom.
-Chief of Staff Paul Mounds says legislative leaders still determining how the voting will take place.
-Public hearing on police reform will be Friday at 10 a.m. The public can participate via Zoom. Absentee ballot expansion will likely be held Monday. 
-Absentee ballot will be for November only due to the coronavirus. It won't extend to future elections.
-House and Senate will come in on different days next week. Senate will debate and vote completely in person, but only a fraction of senators will be allowed in the chamber at the same time. Everyone else will watch remotely from their offices.
- Democratic legislative leaders issued the following statement in response: “Today, legislative leaders came to an agreement with Governor Lamont on four issues for the July special session of the General Assembly. While details are still being worked on and there is no agreement on final legislative language, we will take up increasing police accountability, expanding access to absentee ballots, capping the cost of insulin, and increasing access to telehealth medicine. Prior to any votes taking place in either chamber there will be informational hearings held on proposed legislation. Both the House and Senate will be taking a number of measures to protect legislators and staff during debates and votes in the special session.”

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