Lamont announces nomination for a new state economic and community development commissioner

Alexandra Daum is stepping down as Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development.
Gov. Ned Lamont was in New London on Tuesday to make the announcement and give Daum thanks for all the work she’s done for the state.
She will instead pursue a position at Yale University starting in 2024. Lamont also announced his nomination of Daniel O'Keefe to fill the position.
“This is a bittersweet moment. The best thing I can do is get the very best people I can find in the state,” said Lamont. “As Alexandra said, listen to them and let them run where their imagination takes them working with others. And I thought that was most important when it came to economic and community development.”
O'Keefe currently serves as Connecticut's first chief innovation officer for the DECD. He'll keep that position, in addition to his new role, until someone else is able to fill it.