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Lamont meeting with doctors who penned letter pleading for him to close indoor dining

A group of doctors published a letter Monday asking Gov. Ned Lamont to shut down indoor dining and consider closing gyms.

News 12 Staff

Dec 2, 2020, 12:01 AM

Updated 1,298 days ago


Gov. Ned Lamont was set to meet with a group of doctors today who published a letter asking him to shut down indoor dining and consider closing gyms.
The manager of Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk says they have put a lot of work into incorporating safety measures and the shift in weather means more people want to eat inside.
But the group of doctors says indoor dining is one of the most challenging activities to make safe, and that the increasing number of people in the hospital with coronavirus means additional restrictions are needed, not only at restaurants but at gyms as well.
"What we know as respiratory physicians is that COVID is spread from person to person through respiratory aerosols and those are a big risk if people are dining indoors where they're not wearing masks," said Dr. Luke Davis, from the Yale School of Medicine.
Lamont says that while he encourages people to do takeout, he feels restaurants are becoming less crowded and he doesn't plan to step up restrictions as of right now.

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