'Laughter, love and lollipops.' 4th graders lobby to make lollipops official state candy

Two fourth graders from Fairfield made a case to state House representatives Friday for a particular sweet treat.
Jacqueline Glick and Amelia Neubauer were very convincing of their case to make lollipops the official state candy.
"I am testifying in support of lollipops becoming the state candy of Connecticut. I think lollipops should be our state candy because lollipops were invented in Connecticut. We are one of the only states without an official state food, and everyone likes a lollipop," said Glick.
They say the lollipop is part of the state heritage and even those with food allergies can usually still enjoy the treat.
The girls asked lawmakers to support the bill so "everyone can fill their days with laughter, love and lollipops."