Lawmakers move to make sure insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions

Connecticut lawmakers are moving to make sure insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions.
The Affordable Care Act may be repealed so lawmakers in Hartford are voting on protecting a key aspect of it.
The law would require all insurance plans - even short-term ones - to cover pre-existing conditions. People would not need an official diagnosis, either.
Backers say up to 500,000 people in Connecticut have pre-existing conditions, and could be at risk of losing coverage if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.
"That is a significant portion of our population.  That's our friends, that's our family members, that's our loved ones.  And we can't let that happen,” says State Sen. Sean Scanlon.
The state House is voting on this Wednesday, but there is a catch. The protections only cover about half the people in Connecticut. Plans from a self-insured employer are not subject to state law.