Lawsuits accuse Greenwich PD, school of covering up sex crime

The Greenwich Police Department and private Brunswick School have been named in lawsuits involving a sexual assault claim.
Attorney Meredith Braxton filed the suits alleging a 16-year-old Greenwich girl was sexually assaulted in 2016 by a 16-year-old male Brunswick student at a pool party at the girl's home. Braxton claims Greenwich police colluded with the elite Brunswick School to cover it up.
Paperwork for the two lawsuits was filed last month -- a state lawsuit filed in Bridgeport Superior Court against the Brunswick School claims the alleged victim suffered emotional distress and a federal suit filed in Hartford against the town of Greenwich and members of its police department cites civil rights violations.
A lawyer representing the town of Greenwich calls the situation hearsay.
Lawyers say the school and Greenwich police each conducted their own investigations. No charges were filed against the boy.
In a statement, Brunswick School says it acted appropriately and will defend against the claims.