Leader of local church facing foreclosure discovers mortgage company falsified documents

Pastor Kenneth Moales Jr. says a whistleblower who worked for his lender revealed that his mortgage company "deliberately falsified documents" to force Cathedral of the Holy Spirit into foreclosure.
Moales told News 12 that his attorney is filing a motion this week requesting the judge vacate his previous ruling.
Moales and his supporters claim the church was the target of predatory lenders who take advantage of Black-owned congregations.
"The only reason we were not able to file, and Judge Myer vacated and gave ownership of our property back to the bank is because, during the pandemic, they stated that we did not have insurance and that was the only reason we lost ownership of our properties. Now we're able to report back with an affidavit from our attorney, Attorney Miltenburger, that the documentation was falsified," said Moales.