Legislative budget committees to vote on tax, spending plans

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - It's now up to Connecticut lawmakers to present their tax and spending proposals for the next two years.
The General Assembly's Appropriations Committee will meet Tuesday to vote on a spending bill. The Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a revenue package.
The proposals come more than two months after Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont presented his two-year, $43.1 billion budget. Ultimately, Lamont and the Democratic-controlled legislature must reach a budget compromise that covers a projected two-year $3.7 billion deficit before the legislative session adjourns June 5.
There's already disagreement between Lamont and some legislative Democrats over tax policy. The Progressive Caucus wants higher taxes on wealthy taxpayers, including a surcharge on capital gains income. But Lamont says he's "not inclined to do that at all."
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