LEGO to move Americas office from Connecticut to Boston by 2026

LEGO announced Tuesday that the company is moving its Americas head office out of Connecticut and to Boston.
The LEGO Group made the announcement in a news release saying that Boston had been its future head office in the Americas and will move its current office from Enfield, Connecticut, by the end of 2026.
LEGO says the move to the new office will happen in a phased way beginning in mid-2025, and completed by the end of 2026.
LEGO employees will work across two sites – the existing office in Enfield and the company's LEGO Education office in Back Bay, Boston, where new roles will be located.
Workers based in the Enfield office will have a position in the new location and will receive relocation assistance if they wish to make the move.
LEGO says those who choose not to relocate will receive financial support and job placement assistance to transition to new opportunities outside the company.
The LEGO Group opened its office in Enfield in 1975. The original site was home to a factory and warehouse, but the current location is only offices.