LI restaurant owners respond to Cuomo's plea to admit vaccinated patrons only

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a plea to business owners to 'play a major role' in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 by only allowing vaccinated people inside.
"You can admit vaccinated only people into your establishment," says Cuomo. "I think it's good business for the private sector. I also think it provides a real incentive for people to get the vaccine."
Farmingdale restaurant owner Joe Fortuna says many businesses have had to navigate so many restrictions due to COVID-19.
"The plexiglass so we could fit more people, seated and have partitions, you know we spent thousands of dollars," says Fortuna.
 Fortuna says another restriction could make it harder to turn a profit. Plus, how would it be enforced.
"A vaccine passport? Is it just a matter of just showing a card," says Fortuna. "You know there's a lot more involved than just saying only vaccinated people are allowed in a restaurant or a business."
Cuomo also announced Thursday that the vaccine will be mandatory for certain people who work in state hospitals.
"All patient facing health care workers must get vaccinated there will be no testing option," says Cuomo.
The governor says he's working with unions now to get this done quickly and fairly with the goal of getting workers vaccinated by Labor Day.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran issued a statement saying, "The county continues to closely review updated recommendations from the federal and state government. My administration is working with key stakeholders to determine the best way forward for keeping our employees and the public safe. That may include additional COVID-19 testing. Meanwhile, Nassau County urges all eligible residents, especially public-facing workers, to get vaccinated. I'm proud that Nassau County has one of the highest vaccination rates in the United States, but we must build on and protect our progress."
Also, in response to the governor's announcement, Suffolk County Health Commissioner Dr. Gregson Pigott said, "We are considering all options when it comes to keeping our workforce and the public safe from COVID-19. Our public health officials will continue to monitor the positivity rate and hospitalization data daily moving forward."