Local artists create large-scale Black Lives Matter mural in East Orange

A brand new "Black Lives Matter" mural in East Orange is, quite literally, a labor of love from the community.
The 20,000-square foot mural will be unveiled this weekend and will be the largest public art installation in the city.
The artists, all of whom have local roots, have been working on the project for months.
Malcom Rolling, lead artist and Orange native, says the initiative of the mural is to speak out on a national level to all other cities that raised their voices in the Black Lives Matter movement. He adds that the mural speaks of the issues that the country has had in the last 400 years when it comes to Black and people of African descent's fight for freedom and liberation.
Project manager Linda Street explains that the mural was created by a range of artists, from the very experienced to ones who worked on a mural of that scale for the very first time.
Rollins says the goal of the mural is to connect with people, in that one may have a singular voice and may differently express themselves creatively, but all can connect to talk about the same issue.
The mural is located in the historic "Manufacturers Village", which is near East Orange High School.
The village was built in the 1880s on the site of the original corporate headquarters of Johnson & Johnson.
A team that filmed the planning and design will turn the footage recorded into a documentary that will be produced by New Jersey-based filmmaker Kiymora Smith.
The film will be shown this summer at the Montclair Art Museum.