Local police offer safety tips for holiday shoppers

Police say con-artists are known to try and distract shoppers and take their belongings especially during the holiday season.

News 12 Staff

Dec 2, 2022, 11:29 AM

Updated 561 days ago


Police around Connecticut communities have some safety advice for holiday shoppers.
Police say be alert of con artists. They say con artists are known to try and distract shoppers and take their belongings.
Police say it's important to never leave personal belongings unattended and to carry your purse or wallet on you at all times.
When shopping with children, police say to make a rule that you must always be able to see them, and they must always be able to see you.
Police say to teach children to ask store workers or security and police officers for help if they get separated from guardians.
Police say parking during the holiday season can be a stressful time, but also an opportune time for thieves.
When it comes to parking lots, police recommend parking in a well-lit area at night, remembering where the car is parked, locking the doors, taking car keys, and not leaving any valuables inside the vehicle, and never leave children alone inside cars.  
Finally, police recommend being alert and to avoid using a cellphone when possible. Thieves often look for moments when victims are distracted.
Online shoppers can also take extra precaution to make sure their package arrives to their doorstep safely.
Police say online shoppers should request a call or text notification as well as signature upon delivery services when possible. 
Homeowners should use security cameras to monitor their deliveries, and contact police immediately if they suspect their package has been stolen.  

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