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Lockdown Music Festival brings music back to Westport Library studio for virtual concert

The Westport Library is hosting a virtual concert with some of the state’s top acts next week.

News 12 Staff

Mar 6, 2021, 3:26 PM

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The Westport Library is hosting a virtual concert with some of the state’s top acts next week.
Westport native Chris Frantz, the drummer for Talking Heads, helped organize the acts for the Westport Library’s Lockdown Music Festival. He says when they asked him to curate a music festival, he couldn't turn down the opportunity to help bring concerts back to the state.
Connecticut-known bands Deep Banana Blackout and The Zambonis, along with other musicians from the Northeast, prepared pre-recorded performances for the big show.
"Each and every band is very different from the next, so there's real diversity and real, serious musicality," Frantz said.
Proceeds are going to benefit Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County, a Bridgeport-based nonprofit that offers arts education to underprivileged children. Library officials say the partnership will get state-of-the-art tools into the hands of young artists who might not have had the opportunity.
Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Chris Frantz of the Talking Heads on the Westport Library's Lockdown Music Festival 
Frantz says after a year in which concerts were absent, he expects strong viewership for the show.
“I hope this will be a way for people to rediscover the joy of live music,” Frantz says. “And these are not just videos that were created for MTV or something that, that are more or less an advertisement for the band. These are performances that have real heart and soul.”
The concert is being produced from Verso Studio, the Westport Library’s professional-grade in-house production suite.
You can purchase tickets here.

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