Long Island Gas Retailers Association chair: Gas may reach $5 if federal policies don't change

Gas prices are beginning to rise once again.
On Long Island, the average price for a gallon of regular gas is $3.51, the same as the national average.
In New York, the statewide average is a little higher at $3.57 a gallon.
Andy Harris, Chairman of the Long Island Gas Retailers Association, says the change in price is due to the global coast of crude oil, plus supply and demand.
“I believe the problem is the federal government. They haven't changed their policies in any way since we were using the reserve product we had, and the president hasn't done anything about changing his attitude towards leases or pipelines or anything else. That stuff is still basically shut,” he said.
Harris says if nothing is done, prices will continue to rise and even get close to $5 per gallon like last year.
Oil prices have increased by at least 16% and the Biden administration has depleted the petroleum reserves, according to Harris. He also says prices will continue growing higher into the spring and summer.
“By summertime, we are going to be back to the same place we were we are going to see $5 gasoline again,” he said.