Looking for ways to clean up Wright Tech's image

Facing dwindling enrollment, J.M. Wright Technical High School may have to cut some of its vocational classes. With only about 250 students in a facility that can accommodate 800, Wright Tech is at only 40% capacity. Some educators and administrators believe the school?s public image is to blame for the decline. They are trying to combat the negative attention in an effort to raise the school?s enrollment. The school held a brain storming session Wednesday to come up with a way to overcome what some consider Wright Tech's checkered past and increase enrollment. ?Wright Tech has had such a bad name for so long,? said Kathy Romaniello, Wright Tech?s Parent Faculty Organization president. ?It's going to take some time for people to realize things have changed.? Educators say graduates of Wright Tech leave school with job-ready technical skills and can continue on to college. The school is free to qualified applicants, and students do not need to reside in Stamford.