Lost, now found: Norwalk woman hopes to reunite lost wedding band with owner

A Norwalk woman reached out to News 12 for help connecting a men's wedding band she found with the person who lost it. Carol Bruno came across the ring on Feb. 21 during her daily walk in the Wolfpit section of Norwalk.
"Usually I'm out here early in the morning, but that particular day it was freezing. It was like 17 degrees in the morning, so I did my walk in the afternoon—about 5, 5:30-ish," Bruno explained.
She said she was walking down Lois Street and had just gotten to the bend where the sidewalk ends right before Achieve Fitness. That's when a glint of gold on the ground caught her eye.
"It was really deep in the mud. And it was cold, and the mud was hard. And I just reached down, and I plucked it out, put it in my pocket, didn't even really look at it, said, 'I'll check when I get home' because it was so cold," Bruno said.
Once back, Bruno put the item in jewelry cleaner revealing a 14-karat gold men's wedding band engraved with a date from 2005. News 12 isn't sharing the date so that can be used to confirm the rightful owner.
"I posted it on Facebook, and I did get one reply. I felt really bad because it wasn't hers. Her husband had lost his. Their wedding date was June of '09," Bruno said.
Bruno called nearby businesses to see if anyone there had lost a ring or heard from a customer who had. She told News 12 she checked in with police and also puts flyers in neighbors' mailboxes, but the ring's owner is still unknown.
"I'm sure whoever it is -- I'm sure the wife must be saying, 'It figures,'" Bruno said, throwing her hands up. " So it'll be really cool to get it back to them. I'm wondering if it was lost two weeks ago or two years ago. Who knows? I want to know the story behind it."
If you think the ring belongs to you or someone you know, reach out to reporter Marissa Alter at malter@news12.com or our news desk at news12CT@news12.com.