Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz tests positive for COVID-19

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz announced today that she has COVID days after Gov. Ned Lamont tested positive.
Bysiewicz says she has no symptoms. Lamont says he is feeling much better after taking the antiviral pill Paxlovid.
Bysiewicz and Lamont appeared together maskless at an event in Middletown last Wednesday. No one else who came into close contact with the governor has tested positive so far, according to Lamont.
"I think the only person who sees as many people over the course of a week than I do is Susan Bysiewicz, so it's tough to say where it came from," said Gov. Lamont.
State lawmakers will head back to Hartford on Wednesday. Masks will remain optional on the House floor.
"We have safeguards in place," House Speaker Matt Ritter says. "For instance, members can vote from their offices instead of entering the House Chamber – to balance caution with the need to get our work done before the legislative session ends."
This all comes as dozens of top lawmakers caught COVID at an unmasked dinner in Washington last week.
Lamont plans to resume public events later this week but he is unsure about whether he will be masked.
"Let me think about that. I mean, if you're in close contact with people, obviously the rule is clear. If I'm standing in front of a group with a little bit of distance, I maybe don't have to wear the mask," he said.
Lamont said he tested negative Monday.