Lucky dog: Pit bull unharmed after being found wandering on the Garden State Parkway

A black and white pit bull is lucky to be alive after she was found wandering on one of the busiest sections of the Garden State Parkway.
New Jersey State Police say that the dog, now called “PK” or “Parkway Dog” was spotted near Exit 144 in Irvington Saturday night. State troopers were able to slow down traffic and were eventually able to corral her and bring her to safety.
"She's a sweet dog a little curious standoffish at first. After five minutes, she opens up. Really sweet, likes to lay on your lap,” says Mike Burton with East Orange Animal Control.

Burton says that PK loves to walk. Which is probably why they found her just wandering around the highway, not a care in the world. The dog was eventually picked up by Animal Control Officer Lenora Hankerson.
“She is very affectionate. She is shy at first, but warms up right away,” Hankerson says.
Animal control says that PK did not have any microchip or name tag and so far, no one has come forward to claim her. They say that as soon as a veterinarian gives her the all-clear, PK will be put up for adoption

“I think I’ve received 40 calls. Maybe 10 or 15 emails,” says Burton. “She’s cute. Got that crazy eye color. I think everyone is interested in adopting her right now. She’s hot on the market.”
Staffers at the animal shelter say that PK would be great with a family when the time is right. But they so issue a warning: PK loves to walk and is a bit of a puller.
PK weighs 60 pounds and is expected to gain more. There is no timeline yet for when she will be put up for adoption.