‘Make Change’ – Darien teen opens up about mental illness while raising money for NAMI

A Darien teen dealing with depression has found a way to help others with mental illnesses.
Bobby Callagy, 16, says he has been dealing with depression and anxiety for the last six years.
"It definitely was a struggle that started when I was pretty young," he said. “It's a conversation that's hard to have with your parents and also just friends in general because it's just something you don't feel comfortable talking about."
But Callagy says talking about mental illness is one of the most important things you can do. He says what's also helped him is “having a good therapist you can talk to and explain what you're dealing with.”
“Also, friends that understand and can sympathize and empathize with you is usually helpful," said Callagy.
Callagy started “Make Change” – which raises money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness through the sale of wallets he designed with the help of a New York City artist.
"I wanted to use Make Change as an opportunity to bring light to and destigmatize the conversation around mental health and allow people my age and younger to be able to talk about mental health," said Callagy.
In his social venture's early stages, he's already raised about $400 for NAMI. Now people even talk to him about mental illness.
"You're definitely not alone. There's a lot of people around you that struggle with mental health," said Callagy.
Monday is World Mental Health Day.