Man who tried to stop hit-and-run driver is struck, dragged in Bridgeport

The victim of a hit-and-run crash in Bridgeport is recovering from a broken leg and internal injuries.
Police say the driver hit a parked car around 6 p.m. and then tried to flee the scene on Willow Street.
Donald Perri, a retired plumber who is now disabled and on Medicare, says the car belonged to his friend. He says he tried to stop the driver from getting away by physically blocking the car.
"What I didn't expect was for him to put the pedal to the metal and run me down," Perri says.
Perri, 56, was hit by the dark-colored SUV and then dragged 65 feet in front of a bodega on Roosevelt Street.
Police say the driver sped away from the scene going southbound on William Street.
A GoFundMe has been set up to help with Perri's medical expenses.