Second recount shows Marcus Brown won razor-close Bridgeport primary

There is an apparent winner in a razor-close election in Bridgeport.
City Councilman Marcus Brown won a second recount in the Democratic primary for the Connecticut House.
That recount was done by hand, and took 10 hours.
Two weeks ago, longtime Rep. Jack Hennesy was declared the winner by just one vote after the first recount.
Brown came out on top on Monday by just two votes after several missing absentee ballots were discovered in the wrong bags.
Brown's campaign released a statement that said in part, "There are no ballots missing at this time. Therefore, we are confident that although the margin is small, it is clear and decisive. Marcus Brown has won the Democratic Primary for the 127th District."
Bridgeport election officials certified Brown as the winner of the recount.
A federal judge will make a final review on Wednesday.