Marine accused of hurting Bridgeport officers extradited to CT

Authorities say the Marine Corps reservist wanted for dragging two Bridgeport police officers from a car returned to Connecticut from custody in New York Wednesday.
According to investigators, 22-year-old Naquan Clarke fled from police during a traffic stop on Valentine's Day, dragging the two officers near the intersection of Jewett Avenue and Peet Street and nearly running over a third.
In dashboard and body camera video of the incident, an officer can be heard addressing Clarke and then ordering him out of the car.
"Don't do that!" the officer yells as the car starts up and begins to move.
US Marshals took Clarke into custody a little more than a week later in the Queens borough of New York City. 
Clarke faces multiple felony assault charges. 
Bridgeport Police Chief AJ Perez says if he had not tried to flee the traffic stop, the worst charge he would have faced was a misdemeanor.
"And he almost killed three officers that day," Perez says. "That's the worst thing."
He is due in court Thursday morning.