Married couple in their 60s missing nearly 2 weeks since heading into Pine Barrens

It's been nearly two weeks since a married couple from Ocean County went missing in the Pine Barrens.
Nov. 17 was the last time Gary and Lorraine Parker, both in their 60s, were seen near their home in the Warren Grove section of Stafford Township. 
It was believed last week that the couple went for a ride in the woods. They haven't been seen since. 
Last week, the couple's ATV was found near their home with a shotgun strapped to the side of it. Their daughter posted several times on Facebook asking for prayers and good thoughts.  
The couple lives in the Pine Barrens near Routes 72 and 539. The Pine Barrens is an extensive area encompassing close to a million acres of land in South Jersey. Searches took place by ground and drone looking for any signs of the couple last Tuesday and Wednesday.
The area has limited cellphone reception in spots and can become extremely cold at night.