Good Samaritans help rescue 86 puppies from Danbury pet shop fire

Good Samaritans are credited with helping to save 86 puppies from a Danbury pet shop fire.
The fire started inside a detached warehouse full of sports equipment around 9 p.m. Thursday behind Puppy Love on Lake Avenue Extension, just off I-84.
Sean Silverman, the owner of Puppy Love, says a customer came running in and he ran to the basement to grab a wrench to bang down the door.
Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton posted video to Facebook that shows dozens of volunteers standing by the puppies they helped to rescue.

Around 200 people rushed into the store to help rescue the animals during the fire.
Veterinarian Dr. Jeffrey Hubsher says all the puppies are doing fine. He says it's a miracle.
The fire chief says people formed a human chain to wrangle the pups to safety.
The portion of the building where the dogs were kept only sustained smoke and water damage, officials say. However, the warehouse where the fire started was badly damaged, officials say.
Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the fire.
Silverman says the puppies are being housed in a vacant building next door. He says he may be able to move the puppies back as soon as Saturday.