Mayor forms unit to improve suspended scaffolding safety in city, BX

Mayor Bloomberg (R-NYC) is looking to spend millions to keep construction workers from falling off scaffolding in the Bronx and the rest of the city.Last November, the mayor ordered a task force to take a closer look at "suspended scaffolding," scaffolding that isn't anchored on the ground but hangs from the roof of a building by ropes or other means. The task force said that one of the methods used to hang scaffolding is accident-prone and totally unregulated. Bloomberg says that will change.The mayor's plan calls for a scaffold safety unit within the city's Department of Buildings. The unit will have inspectors that conduct sweeps and crack down on safety violations. Bloomberg will also push for the creation of new safety laws and better training in multiple languages for construction workers.Last year, six workers were killed and five others were injured in reported accidents on suspended scaffolding.