Mayor: Stamford to lift citywide mask mandate on Feb. 16

Mayor Caroline Simmons announced Friday that Stamford will lift its citywide mask mandate on Feb. 16, but some residents say they may keep the face covering on for a little while longer.
The city has been under an indoor mask requirement for almost two months, but now COVID cases are down 60% in the past two weeks.
"As new variants form, they potentially become less severe and more transmissible. So, if we see that trend continue with the next variant that will come, then maybe that will cause us to shift our strategy to masks in certain populations," said Dr. Asha Shah, of Stamford Health.
Stamford is now relying on testing.
"We have our testing sites that are, again, accessible at...566 Elm St. and 689 Canal St.," said Stamford Health Director Jodi Bishop-Pullan.
Businesses can still require masks, and customers can still choose to wear them.
"I might still just to protect myself from COVID, but it's honestly up to the individual," said resident Kacper Wajler.
Bridgeport and New Haven still require masks indoors. Hartford dropped its mandate last week.