Mayors meet on possible Sikorsky Airport sale

The mayors of Bridgeport and Stratford sat at the bargaining table Monday to discuss the possible sale of Sikorsky Memorial Airport.
Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and Stratford Mayor James Miron met at the Bridgeport City Hall Annex for more than an hour. Bridgeport, which owns the airport located in Stratford, wants to sell the property to close a budget gap. However, Finch insists the new owner must promise to develop the property.
Miron said buying the airport would allow Stratford to better control its destiny by receiving property taxes on the site. "We're going to talk more as time goes on," Miron said. "It's very important ? to allow the community to come together."
While the pair did not reach an agreement on the airport sale, they did agree to sell two parcels of land.
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