Medical expert: Get boosted and upgrade to N95 masks before NYE celebrations

The Omicron variant may have put a dent in some people's holiday plans - but a medical expert is encouraging people to still take precautions due to the high transmissibility of the new variant.
Dr. Geeta Nayyar, an autoimmune and chronic diseases specialist, says that everyone should be vaccinated and have had their booster shots before heading out to parties and gatherings to celebrate New Year's Eve. She also says that some masks may not offer the COVID-19 protection you need.
"If you've gotten the third shot, this is about 75% effective against the Omicron variant. Get vaccinated, get the third shot. And, also your masks... no more cloth masks or surgical masks. It's time to put on the N95. Keep in mind that there are counterfeit N95s out there, which is why the CDC is now recommending the N95," Nayyar says.
Experts advise buying N95 masks online or in stores from a trusted retailer only to guarantee that they are not counterfeit and offer the proper air filtration protection against coronavirus.